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    • British Blogger: Ok now listen here you dumb fockin Americans know what this is? *shows pic of bubblegum* We call this a Sniksmacksnibblebob which you uncultured fockin twats would know nothing about.
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    Ninja Dom / available as a print/t-shirt print on Society6!

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    "How do you feel about the violin?"

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  • benedict cumberbatch + magazine covers [source] 

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  • I: Talk about your relationship with drummer Dominic Howard.
    Chris Wolstenholme: With me and Dom, it’s almost like we’re the same instrument. And it’s quite weird on stage. If Dom makes a mistake, I make a mistake right after him, and if I make a mistake, he makes a mistake. I broke my wrist in the States about five years ago, and we had a festival in England the next week, and I couldn’t play, so we had to get another bass player in. He’s actually the guy who plays keyboards for us now [live], and he’s very good, but Dom just couldn’t play with him, because we never really played with anybody else. We learned our instruments together. And the way I play is probably a direct result of the way Dom plays, which I just connect to when I’m playing.

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  • when darkness falls…

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